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Dawn (live) — 2021

Eclipse — 2019

Hiraeth — 2017

About SILK

Silk is a musical duo which consists of Hubert Gonthier-Blouin and Julien Watine. The performers’ voices and guitar playing create masterful harmonies and soundscapes of intricate beauty. It is an invitation to a mysterious journey. A world awaits to the listener who chooses to get involved, but may remain shrouded to the neglectful. The music showcases a plethora of influences and cleverly use a wide spectrum of styles drawing from 70’s era music all the way to more classical contemporary music.

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2020, may 16th Montréal, private app. EVENT

More to come this year!

word on the street is

“What struck me immediately when I first heard Silk was not merely the mastery of that particular tonal language of atmospheric dreamy ambiance, but, more impressively, how completely Silk managed to soar above so many of the problems typical of that genre. There is no blissed out self-regard in Silk. On the contrary, their music tells stories – non-narrative, dreamlike stories, to be sure, yet distinct stories all the same. The songs never devolve into sheer vocal and instrumental beauty for their own smug sake, but they employ that considerable beauty for the sake of the listener. They have found the elusive key to being both transcendentally diaphanous and distinctly heavy at the same time. I can hardly imagine taking a train or plane trip, or even a ferry trip around New York Harbor, without Silk on my playlist.”

William Berger, Metropolitan Opera, New York City


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